September 2014

Training and Exercises

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Dedicated teams with years of experience in emergency management training at all levels ensures you and your teams are prepared for known and sometimes unexpected events.

The three top items on a debrief report:

  • “I did not have a clear understand the roles and responsibilities of internal partners and external partners”.
  •  “My contact lists were out of date (internal and external)”.
  •  “I could not communicate (functionally or technically) with my team inside or outside of the EOC”.

Testing and exercising plans and procedures defines roles and responsibilities, builds internal processes to keep contact lists up to date, and creates crisis communication plans.

wp_rethinkingTraining and Exercises
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Business Continuity Programs (BCP)

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Continuity of operations builds confidence in your teams and your community. Certified business continuity professionals can help you understand the stages of business continuity planning for your organization – large or small. We have simplified tools and years of experience working with government, non-government, and private organizations.

wp_rethinkingBusiness Continuity Programs (BCP)
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