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Resilience is where we begin – it’s our foundation

We have nearly 30 years of practice across all levels of government and industry. We understand through personal experience the impact emergencies and disasters have on your businesses and your community.
No matter where you are, we will introduce you to mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery programs that will ensure your teams are confident to safeguard your business and community, and that they thrive in adversity, regardless of the cause.

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Key Elements

Working with you to build and customize the programs you need

Helping you focus on partnerships and collaboration to strengthen from the inside out and the outside in

We will guide your teams through an evolving or emergency event on site or at your emergency operations centre

Corporate and Community Preparedness

Planning and Plans

Employee partnerships and accountability in building and testing your plans creates a common understanding throughout your teams, and a shared goal of collaboration when an emergency occurs. The planning process provides leadership teams with an opportunity to create an emergency management program that is integrated with existing organizational and community strategic plans. The plan will narrate and instruct on tasks and procedures that support the planning process. We will guide you through creating a pathway to build the foundational elements of your planning and testing processes.

Critical Support Documents

Building a process to create critical support documents to manage emergencies guarantees administrative time is reduced and that leadership skills are focused on the emergency. Critical support documents created by the end users and subject matter experts is the most accurate and effective way to ensure your incident management team understands their role and responsibilities.
Our team will guide you through the process of creating critical support documents – the tools that will drive action and accountability before, during, and after an evolving event or emergency.


We work with you to identify and integrate key partners in the planning phases to secure understanding of and commitments to sharing resources. Shared resources through memorandums of understanding can mean the difference between a progressive recovery or major losses. Fully comprehending available and unavailable resources to your team during an emergency allows for realistic planning

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is the link between your organization and your community. The Province of Ontario lists seven private sector owned infrastructure, including:

  • Food and Water
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Electrical Power System
  • Gas and Oil
  • Financial Services
  • Health System
  • Transportation Networks

We will promote an understanding of how your community or organization relates to and depends on these services and networks to allow you to accurately plan for a response and recovery from a failure of any of these critical services

Business Continuity

Understanding the impact to your services or business of not having access to reliable resources or services allows you to plan for circumstances that are usually beyond your control. For instance, a large-scale power outage, or a province-wide health emergency, or an ongoing severe weather event can influence the outcome of your response and recovery processes
If your organization or community is responsible to deliver critical services, failure to deliver those services can have severe consequences. We can help you build a business continuity plan that reflects the identification of critical services and the level of service expectations for your teams.

Crisis Communication

There are four types of crisis:

  • People – Employees and Consumers
  • Business Operations – Loss of Data, Disruption to Facility
  • Nature – Flood, Fire, Tornado
  • Reputation – Media Issue, Breach of Trust

Crisis communication planning is our skill. It can be passed on to your team through knowledge and understanding of internal and external communications. Pre-scripting your key messages, paying attention to the early signs, creating a communication flow chart for preestablished distribution groups can anchor your teams and eliminate communication challenges

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